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Uniball Shalaku M7-228 Mechanical Black Pencil 0.7mm

Uniball Shalaku M7-228 Mechanical Black Pencil 0.7mm

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  • Comfortable and advance grip. ‌
  • It is resistant to breaking and delivers a crisp, dense line.
  • The black graphite has a precisely structure which produce a darker and smoother writing.
  • Side knock type mechanical pencil, 0.7mm lead, plastic (as) barrel, built-in eraser.


The Uniball Shalaku M7-228 Mechanical Pencil is a 0.7 mm writing instrument with a Black body. Its robust construction and superior handgrip make it comfortable to use for longer writing sessions. Its adjustable tip allows for precise lines and consistent pressure for perfectly even lines.

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