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Doms Geommy Math Box

Doms Geommy Math Box

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 Ensures accuracy & perfection.

Premium tin box with attractive designs.

Non-rusting instruments that last long.

* Special mm markings for precision.

* Pack Includes - 1 Compass, 1 Divider, 1 Ruler, 1 Protractor & Set Square, 1 Sharpener, 1 Eraser, 1 Mechanical pencil


Introducing Doms Geommy Math Box, a unique set of tools designed for learning and mastering geometry. Its easy-to-use components are ideal for students of all levels, offering an engaging and interactive way to practice spatial problem-solving. Each box comes with a range of hands-on elements, including blocks, connectors, and printed activity cards, to help deepen understanding of geometry. Improve your spatial reasoning with Doms Geommy Math Box today!

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