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Doms Metallic Brush Pen Silver & Gold

Doms Metallic Brush Pen Silver & Gold

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  • Doms Brush Pens are crafted to create thick & thin strokes with Super Soft Tip that gives water color effect with it’s water based ink.
  • Doms Brush Pens enables you to create Luminous Paintings of your choice
  • Water soluble and suitable for a wide range of papers
  • Super Soft brush tip for effortless painting and calligraphy
  • Vibrant Colors
  • With the ease of a pen- students can now create beautiful watercolors without the inconvenience of using water, palette, brush and color.


Experience the glimmer of Doms Metallic Brush Pen Silver & Gold! This pen features a fine brush tip for precise lines and a metallic finish for striking visual contrast. It's perfect for illustrations and craft projects requiring fine detail. Get creative with this unique pen and let your artwork shine!

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