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Doms Water Colour 12 Pencil

Doms Water Colour 12 Pencil

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  • Doms Aqua Water Soluble Colour Pencil have a soft, bright colour lead that is made from high-quality pigments. 
  • These colour pencils can be easily mixed and blended to create different shades, tints and hues. 
  • You can use these colour pencils just like a normal colour pencil or a watercolour. 
  • It can be used by artists and students anywhere. It is easy to carry and handle.
  • For ultimate blending, shading and layering, these expert colouring pencils glide smoothly across your paper, blend beautifully & layer effortlessly.
  • Produced with superior quality pigments, Doms Water Colour 12 Pencils are perfect for watercolour art and sketching. These pencils feature a unique blend of wax and oil for smooth and excellent colour lay down. Their excellent lightfastness rating ensures that your artwork will stay vibrant and bright for years to come.

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