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Faber Castell Geometry Box GR8

Faber Castell Geometry Box GR8

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  • Durable compass & divider made from specially re-inforced sheet metal
  • With a vacuum formed hips tray
  • Double side plating for longer rust free life
  • Contains: 1 compass, 1 divider, 1 set square 45°, 1 set square 60°, 1 scale (15cms), 1 protractor 180°, 1 half length pencil , 1 eraser, 1 sharpener

Gr-8 Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box

Rulers and letter stencils are important tools for producing and labelling drawings, in particular technical drawings. Since the letters and characters in sketches must be extremely precise and clean, letter stencils help transfer these letters and characters onto a surface while ensuring a correct and proper layout.

The Faber Castell Geometry Box GR8 offers everything you need to draw precise lines and shapes. It comes with eight different geometry tools, including compasses, dividers and a protractor, all made with quality materials to provide precision and accuracy. This comprehensive geometry set is perfect for Maths and technical drawing projects.

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